Best of March 2017

  1. “$3 million doesn’t grow on trees,” Manatee County residential developer and former Florida Senate candidate Carlos Beruff said. Flipping land is uncharacteristic for Mr. Beruff and he talked to me about why he did it with 47 lots in the Ellenton community Bougainvillea Place.
  2. Passenger numbers just aren’t getting any better at SRQ. YOY, the airport lost net 6,300 in Jan/Feb, two typically strong tourism months in Florida.
  3. Some people say Bradenton and Sarasota are a couple of Florida’s best kept secrets. I think the word is getting out.
  4. Florida Gov. Rick Scott came to town to promote Enterprise Florida. He said state-sponsored business growth is happening “all across the state,” except it’s really not. Out of the state’s 67 counties, 30 had 10 or fewer economic development projects, according to state data analyzed by yours truly. And 20 of those 30 counties had less than five.
  5. Air Products hasn’t created the jobs that Manatee County taxpayers, by way of the county, agreed to pay them to create — and they say they need another three years to do so.