In the days of yore, a reporter only answered the phone, interviewed sources and wrote stuff down. Now, it’s a multifold job, with video, photo and audio skills required for anyone in the journalism field.

My best skills are those of an investigative journalist: asking the questions no one else wants to ask, digging through data, requesting public records and making sense of it all. But when duty calls, the multimedia hat goes on.

As a business reporter at the Bradenton Herald, I produce quality multimedia on, at minimum, a weekly basis.


How liquid nitrogen ice cream is made

Darwin Brewing Co. brewmaster explains how to make beer

Slicks Garage forcibly opened for repossession of two Cadillacs

Lou’s Diner opens in downtown Bradenton

Jimmy John’s opens in downtown Bradenton


Ecko tours promote sustainable travel, local food

Rodney’s Jamaican Grill opens in Palmetto

Drink coffee, do good at Land of a Thousand Hills

Data viz:

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