Who loved Mother’s Day brunch? Googlers in Montana

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Who doesn’t love brunch, and especially brunch with mom?

Helena, Montana definitely does, according to search data kept by Google. And Missoula’s got the no. 3 spot out of 191 cities. Great Falls, Montana landed at #10. Montana folks know how to find brunch the way that I would: ask Google.

Other interesting nuggets:

Florida doesn’t make an appearance until spot no. 23

Chicago landed at 58

Tampa St. Petersburg (Sarasota) is no. 66—by the way, that’s exactly how Google refers to the three cities, which are not in the same Census MSA—in the listing. I’m curious why Sarasota is included but in parenthesis

New Orleans, THE food city of America, I hear, is 106. Gasp! N’awlins is 4 on this Washington Post list and 1 on Thrillist’s. But it doesn’t make an appearance at all on Food & Wine’s best brunch cities unordered list

Another top-ranked food/brunch city, Portland, is 69 in the Google data

So what does Google search interest data tell us? Maybe people in the big foodie cities just know where to go for Mother’s Day brunch. Maybe people in Montana

What it doesn’t tell us is what cities are most popular for Mother’s Day brunch, though. Not everyone who searched for Mother’s Day brunch used Google. Some used a phone book. Some asked a friend.

And some, in the spirit of Mother’s Day, asked mom where she wanted to go.