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Data/in-depth reporting Data/in-depth reporting

Data reporting: Data-driven quick hits are my favorite kind of daily to find, but I think the real power in data analysis comes in for the bigger-picture projects. The following is a small sample of the data work I’ve done. Bradenton Herald Four of Southwest Florida’s airports increased passengers served in 2016. SRQ didn’t. Only […]

Multimedia Multimedia

In the days of yore, a reporter only answered the phone, interviewed sources and wrote stuff down. Now, it’s a full-time multifold job, with video, photo and audio skills required for anyone in the journalism field. My best skills will always be those of an investigative journalist: asking the questions no one else wants to […]

Business coverage Business coverage

From economic development incentives to Panama Papers to waste of taxpayer money, I’ve covered it all for the Bradenton Herald in Bradenton, Florida. The Bradenton Herald’s coverage area spans Manatee County and Sarasota County. Circulation: 27,000 daily, 39,000 Sunday and 3.9 million page views per month. The beat includes restaurant, retail, tourism, unemployment, Port Manatee, the Sarasota-Bradenton […]

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The difference between alone and lonely

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Tonight I stumbled on a Washington Post post about the value of solitude: “My own interest is in people who are single at heart — those who live their best, most authentic and most meaningful lives by living single. My preliminary findings suggest that people who are single at heart don’t worry about being lonely; […]



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While I am epically sad that I’m not in Miami getting blitzed for Justin Bieber’s Fontainebleau show (it’s pronounced fontaine-BLERGH, by the way) I am ecstatic for 2017 if only because I have Justin Bieber tickets. And a whole 8 months to look forward to the show. New Year’s is always a reflective time of […]